11 Days Of Body Language – Day 4

Where do you look when you talk to someone?  At their eyes?  How long do you look at their eyes?  Which one do you look at?  What if you go back and forth too much?  What if you look at their mouth, and they see you looking?  Is that weird?

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So many questions about how to look at someone. Never thought much about them before, huh? Most people don’t. I’m gonna clear all that up for you right now… Read More


Tennessee Titans Try To Hide Emotions In Plain Site.  

Hiding emotions is hard to do. It’s even harder if you’re in the public eye.  In this video, Titan football players Kendall Wright and Justin Hunter try to hide emotions in plain sight.

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Their feelings about what happened seem obvious by the shaking of Kendall Wright’s head. Fans and foes alike have given opinions about what they’re seeing in this clip.  Now let’s talk about what you’re really seeing…

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What’s More Important Than Knowing WHEN Some Is Lying?  Here’s the answer

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Most of the time it’s fairly obvious when someone is angry.  And most CEO’s understand there will be people and situations throughout each day that will test their patients and self control.  So, for the most part, they’re ready for most anything.  CONTINUE READING…

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The question people ask most at Christmas is “Did they really like what I got them?”  So this year I’m asking you “Will you recognize the signs of insincerity this Christmas?


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When people ask me what they can do to keep from looking like a liar, I always say “Tell the truth.”  When pitching, investors don’t know what to look for to make sure you’re being honest.  It’s a gut feeling they get that tells them not to trust you.  >>MORE

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Ever wonder what to do in those last few seconds before you pitch starts?

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There’s a new kind of meeting today’s investor is having.  It saves them many hours of valuable time and sometimes millions of dollars.  As an entrepreneur searching for investment for your new idea, here’s how it will look to you… >>More