A few weeks ago Chris Blanz and I were having a meeting at the coffice.  I’ve written about Chris on this blog several times because he is truly one of the most creative minds I’ve ever run across.  And his creativity never stops.

Chris said “I’ve got an idea.  What do you think about this?…”  He explained his idea for a platform for facilitating video-based, legally binding promises.  I said “Hey man, that’s brilliant!”

Over the next two weeks we talked about the idea.  We put it on a fence post and shot it quite a few times.   We stuck pins in it.  We blew it up with firecrackers.  We threw it in the street and let some of our friends run over it.  Though roughed up a bit, it was still alive and very healthy.   So, we shaped it up, put a clean shirt on it, gave it a cool haircut, some sunglasses and Beatle boots and began gathering troops to execute the concept and bring it to life.

The first person we approached was Janet Walls.  She’s the voice of reason, meeting facilitator and the perfect person to watch and plan with and for the finances.  She leaves a long trail of success having been Chief Financial Officer for a bazillion successful companies and is well versed in marketing.

Next was David Gales of The Gales Network.  He’s been in the music business for decades and has VP’d and marketed more labels and acts than you can count.  We chose David because he’s perfect to be the head of marketing and can help clarify our options for “next moves”.  He’s an analytical as well as a creative.  That’s tough to find.

To make our company complete we needed a tech person.  Not just any tech person, but someone who understood what is happening right now this minute in tech.  On “The Edge” of what is happening.  As it turns out, JJ Rosen was not on the edge.  He actually jumped off the edge and there are four guys holding onto his shirt and one is screaming “Give me your hand!!!”  Needless to say, he sees not only the exact lay of the land in tech, but he can also tell us what is coming down the pike from a perspective only those with a frontal lobe the size of a small country home can see coming.  His company is Atiba. He joined forces with us. Team complete.

As fate would have it, Jumpstart Foundry‘s competition for inclusion into their mentor-driven accelerator program had just begun.  That meant 6 winning companies chosen from over 100 companies would receive financing to help get their companies/products up and running.  They would also be educated by the “who’s who” of Nashville’s successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and angel investors on developing and bringing their product to the market place.

We were chosen as 1 of the 6.  It all starts May 23rd and we can hardly wait.  I’ll go into the details about the idea later.  I think you’ll really like it.

Do you have a story about an idea you came up with?  If you do, email me tell me about it.  I may post it.